Reconciliation and Recognition in RNP – questions for Reconciliation Week 2011

Manager RNP

Dear Michael,

Today marks the start of Reconciliation Week 2011. The theme for this year is “Recognition”. (see below). A year ago at the Friends of the Royal National Park we discussed the idea of the RNP forming a Reconciliation Action Plan. This was discussed in relation to current process underway of forming the next Plan of Management for the RNP and associated reserves.

Could you , as Manager for the RNP, update those of us who are interested in such fundamentally important matters as to:

1. what is happening in regard to the the formation of a Reconciliation Action Plan for the Royal National Park?

2. What is happening in regard to aspects of reconciliation and recognition in relation to the preparation of the draft Plan of Management?

It would appropriate for this message and your reply to be circulated to the Friends of the RNP so they can be part of this national conversation.


Bruce Reyburn

“Join us in a national conversation

The theme for NRW 2011 is Let’s talk recognition. How you interpret it is entirely up to you. You might like to hold an event that recognises the important contributions that Indigenous Australians are making to your community. Or perhaps engage students, staff or friends more deeply in a conversation about the value of recognition and why it is of particular importance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Over the next couple of years recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in our Constitution will be on the agenda as the Federal Government has indicated that there will be a referendum on it, on or before the next election. When people go to vote, we want them to feel confident and capable of making an informed decision. To do this it is important to start the conversation about the value of recognition for us all and why it is important for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in particular. But recognition isn’t just about the referendum, it’s much broader, and has a lot to do with reconciliation. During NRW 2011 we’re asking all Australians to think about the value of recognition, what it means to you personally and its importance to the nation. ”