The season has arrived in our lives when we shed our old, constricting skin



… and learn new songs.

David Turner, seeking to understand First Peoples cosmology and transformations, asked a key question of his Anindilyaugwa mentor Gula.

“What do you call it when the spirit of the dead person changes into a fish and then changes into a person in the journey to the spirit world?”

“Oh, naugwargadjungawa,” he replied.

This means “shed one’s skin” and in this context means “to change one’s shape”. To shed one’s skin is the shed one’s form and reform as something else.

David H Turner 1997:80. “Afterlife Before Genesis. An Introduction: Accessing the Eternal through Australian Aboriginal Music. ” Toronto Studies in Religion 22. Peter Lang Publishing, Inc New York. . ISBN 0-8204-3477-9 ISSN 8756-7385