Equal time for sense and nonsense?

One of the traps for Beings of our kind comes from the role of control trips which are built into what we are encouraged to call ‘culture’.

We are provided with a ready-made complex of ‘narrative scripts’ (or whatever) which play a role in how we organise experience and of how we relate to our surroundings (and each "Other").

In the modern West, formal education placed its emphasis on how we made ‘sense’ out of things.

In the age of the industrial transformation of so much of life, construction was the dominant value.

Less time, if any, was provided for a counterbalancing deconstruction. To fashion sense without recognising the place of nonsense – the aim of the Age of Reason- is  to worship a fetish of life.

This leads to a most unbalanced condition of Being. And, given the role of how our ‘sense perceptions’ are a product of our minds,  this one-sided ‘sense-making’ process greatly influences how we act (and it is not always good).

To find our way out of the mind traps which lead us astray we need to spend a corresponding amount of time on not making sense.

Post-modern approaches have provided us with a new opportunity with spaces for unpacking the sense- making narrative/scripts. Part of our Being delights in taking things apart to see how they operate. (I am thinking of the younger Dalai Lama who took watches apart – and who could not always get them back together again. We have all been there.)

The craft of watching-making is a specialist skill, and the tools making necessary for the means  to carry out that finely tuned craft was important in the beginnings of the industrial transformation.

The art of deconstructing – of making nonsense – is similarly in its early days. In the West, at least, a few people have been and are working on the tools we need to balance sense with nonsense.

To find our way out of the mind traps which lead us astray we need to spend a corresponding amount of time on not making sense. It takes an effort to escape from the force fields which are part and parcel of bourgeois norms prepackaged into life for us petite-bourgeois everyday folk. This is a Western challenge, and a global one as well.


Looking at what is taking place in mainland China at the moment, the same problem exists. Materialists of one kind or another need to be able to appreciate just why it is that something like Tibetan Buddhism, which may not make ‘sense’ to them, has a special place in life.

Life moves towards it’s fullest form of realisation when those committed to major control trips and in positions of power (since we seem unable to free of planet of them at this time) are able to appreciate that its is the things which don’t make sense  (to them) which must be respected and provided with a secure place in the overall scheme of things.

To the peoples of China who pulled off a major ritual success with the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games we say "Well done!"

Now, can we have some of your famous Harmony – with corresponding yin to balance the excessive fug of far too much yang?

Embracing the Dalai Lama – and all he represents for life on our home planet – is one means of moving towards this healing.


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