A PS on Eaglehawk and Crow as social markers in Oz


“Perched atop the ladder of the AFL for the first time are all the competition’s bird clubs: Sydney Swans, Hawthorn Hawks, Adelaide Crows, Collingwood Magpies and West Coast Eagles. Hence it’s now the Avian Football League (Column 8, yesterday). ”Yes, this is the first time this has happened,” writes Kevin Harris, of Beecroft. ”And interestingly, only three times have ‘birds’ fought out the grand final: Eagles and Swans in 2006 and 2007, Hawks and Eagles in 1991. You could stretch that to four if you count the Swans in their earlier incarnation as South Melbourne, who opposed the Magpies in 1918.” And that in the days before Twitter!”

Column 8 SMH 23 Aug 2012