Some background info on Indigenous Men’s Conference shakers and movers

(Bess) “Price has strongly criticised the high levels of violence in Central Australian indigenous communities and supported the Northern Territory Intervention.[10] In December 2009 she delivered the Bennelong Society’s inaugural Peter Howson lecture, also on the topic of indigenous violence, and received the Bennelong Medal[11] She spoke at the Centre for Independent Studies, Sydney, on 23 March 2011[12] and appeared on ABC television show Q&A on 11 April 2011.[13] On Q&A, Price said that she supported the Intervention.[14]”

Conference organisers:
MEES Australia trading as Indigenous Conference Services (ICS) is mainly an Indigenous not for profit enterprise. We have over thirty years experience in conference and event management. We are pleased to say that we have hundreds of events to our credit, not only in Australia but internationally as well.

Our Koorie Indigenous and CEO comes from Kempsey in Dainggati county of NSW. Other members are from Indigenous convention groups in the Philippines & Thailand. In total, we have over 30 years of experience specializing in Indigenous events.!about-us/c24da

Mees works with:
The Eduarda Foundation
Mrs. Eduarda Acabo Edubas is the woman behind the Eduarda Foundation’s strong alliance among women victims of domestic violence to move on. She had been a victim of domestic violence for many years since she’s 16 years old and until now being married to the same man, her perpetrator husband.
She gathered vulnerable women in her community under her wings, taught them how to move on, empowered them to be independent. The Eduarda Foundation has grown from 5 members to more than 30 adult women whom have tried their best to tackle their family issues as well as providing for their children.


Men’s business conference?

The first instruction i had from senior Warumungu/Alyawarra lawmen in the NT (1980) was “A man does not get around among women”. I was watched for a year or so to see how i shaped up.
Central Australian indigenous men’s domain is never to be confused with the domain of women and uninitiated men (indigenous or otherwise)  
Now, look at this keynote address at an “indigenous men’s conference” which holders of Basics Cards will not be able to afford, attend  let alone be properly heard and respected:

The 2015 National Indigenous Men’s Network Conference Agenda

DAY ONE (28th September 2015)


9:00 AM Welcome to Country by Traditional Elder

9:30 AM Welcome Address & Formal Opening Keynote by Hon. Bess Price, Minister for Women’s and Men’s Policy, Community Services, Local Government, Parks & Wildlife, Northern Territory


Just who is empowered by the expensive conferences – which systematically exclude and disempower senior indigenous lawmen? 
Rampant ethnocide more like it.

Make up your own mind at:!2015-mens-conference/c100l