Permission to read Anthropological report in #Muckaty case #wasteontrial

I have applied for permission to read the expert reports of the anthropologist(s) engaged by the Warlmanpa people (Mark Lane Jangala and others) opposing the site nomination process for a radioactive waste facility at Muckaty.

While permission had been granted for me to do this, it will not be until much later in the court proceedings, when they have been read in open court.

I asked when this would be. Federal Court has advised me:

“The answer is that once the reports have been tendered as exhibits, and the evidence in regards to the reports has been given they have been considered to be ‘read in open court’. As stated in my previous email, the matter has not proceeded to that point as yet.

The process of those reports being read out in Court must be complete – and the Judge not require them for the purposes of hearing the matter – before you will be able to search the documents.”

Fair enough.


In this case i am particularly interested in the shape and form of ‘local descent groups’ in comparison to larger groupings of First Peoples as the relevant people to speak for country.

The site for the radioactive waste facility was ‘volunteered’ by one narrowly defined ‘local descent group’ of Warlmanpa people.

One media report covering the Federal Court opening proceedings in Melbourne this week made fleeting mention of a “company” arrangement, so that may be in the anthropologist’s report. Hard to say without being in court or without copies of key documents.

“Company” is an Aboriginal English expression which has been used, as i recall it, in relation to larger groupings than those of narrowly defined ‘local descent groups’.

Guess we will learn more in due course.