Very good reportage of Muckaty radioactive futures Federal Court case proceedings.

Report from Federal Court trial examining the nomination of Muckaty for a national nuclear waste dump.

Day one – Explosive revelations about NLC misconduct

By Padraic Gibson, Senior Researcher, Jumbunna Indigenous House of Learning, UTS

“June 2, 2014Monday June 2 was the first day of the Federal Court trial examining the nomination of Aboriginal Land at Muckaty for a nuclear waste dump. The day was taken up entirely by the opening submissions of Ron Merkel QC, appearing for Traditional Owners opposed to the waste dump.”

“The revelations contained in these submissions are an explosive indictment on the actions of the Northern Land Council, particularly their non-Indigenous Principal Legal Officer Ron Levy, who Merkel QC says was the “guiding hand” in the nomination from it’s inception. Merkel says that the behaviour of the NLC in making the nomination was such an egregious breach of the rights guaranteed to Traditional Owners under the Aboriginal Land Rights Act NT that it should be struck out.”

“Mr Merkel argued that Mr Levy’s report was such a massive departure from the anthropology that formed the basis of the Muckaty land grant that it effectively robbed Warlmanpa people of their ownership rights and should invalidate the nomination.”

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