Telling story of country with soul – from ABC


Learning country through our eyes – Dave Johnston
Tue 22 May 12, 17:18pm AEST


It was during an idyllic childhood spent exploring the beaches and caves of remote Australia that Dave Johnston realised he wanted to be an archaeologist. “My father was a lighthouse keeper and we were living on Booby Island in the Torres Strait. One day I came in from exploring caves, probably in my cowboy outfit, and mum said maybe you want to an archaeologist. I went over to our dusty old Encyclopaedia Britannica, read about it, decided that’s what I want to do and I’ve never looked back.” Johnston is one of a small but growing number of Indigenous academics in the field, and he’s found himself occupying a key position in a time when a mining boom is putting pressure on much of Australia’s heritage. He did his Masters in Britain, has worked at the British Museum and on paleo…

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