Theme for 2012 – deconstructing the Royal National Park

The Royal National Park is located between Sydney and Wollongong in New South Wales.

It is administered by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Serevice which is now in the Office of Environment and Heritage.

At the moment, a new Plan of Management is in preparation for the Royal National Park and assocated reserves.

Additionally, there is a private campaign to get World Heritage Listing for the Royal National Park and reserves. This campaign has now produced a draft report, by Dr Geoff Mosley,  which will be used as part of their campaign.

While waiting for the draft Plan of Management materials (due in 2012) there is some value in making use of some aspects of  the Mosley report to tease out a few issues – from a difference perspective.

Basically, one aim of what comes next will be to not only move from a ‘modern’ to a ‘post-modern’ interpretation, but to also attempt to adopt a perspective which is based on an orthodox “Australian” First Peoples view which sees peoples and countries as being an inseparable whole.

I shall write a short text which i will make available on deconstructing the Royal National Park, and link it to this blog to share with interested others.

Bruce (Japaljari) Reyburn 16 Jan 2012

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