Darwin – “On inheritance – Australian style.”

Darwin made a telling correction when he wrote, while on a trip to Bathurst across the Blue Mountains, about the White Man and the Aboriginal: 

!9 Jan 1836

“Early on the next morning Mr Archer, the joint superintendent, (the only other free man about the farm), took had the kindness to take me out Kangaroo hunting. We continued riding the greater part of the day; but my usual ill fortune in sporting followed us & we did had very bad sport, not seeing a Kangaroo or even a wild dog. — The Grey-hounds pursued a Kangaroo Rat into a hollow tree out of which we dragged it out: it is an animal as big as a Rabbit rabbit, but with the figure of a Kangaroo. A few years since this country abounded with wild animals; now the Emu is banished to a long distance & the Kangaroo is become scarce; To to both of them the English Greyhound is moot utterly destructive; it may be long before these animals are altogether exterminated, but their doom is fixed. The Natives blacks constantly are trying are always anxious to borrow the dogs from the farmhouses; their use of them, offal when an animal is killed, & milk from the cows, are the peace offerings of the Settlers, who push further & further inland. — The thoughtless Aboriginal, blinded by these trifling advantages, is delighted at the approach of the White Man, who is doomed seems predestined to rob him of his country inherit the country of his children.”




One thought on “Darwin – “On inheritance – Australian style.”

  1. Interesting to compare Darwin\’s entry with how it was translated in the SMH, which, to their credit, did not merely reproduce the sanitised version which appears in most publications:"But Darwin was fascinated by many Australian species, particularly the platypus, the rat kangaroo and the Aborigine, who he believed placed too much store on minor acts of generosity from the newcomers. He predicted: "the white man … is doomed to rob him of his country"."Sydney Morning Herald "Darwin\’s idea survives the fitness test of time" by Steve Meacham. SMH 12 Jan 2009 page 4.Full story, and image of the young Charles Darwin (31) by George Richmond, athttp://www.smh.com.au/news/national/darwins-idea-survives-the-fitness-test-of-time/2009/01/11/1231608523373.html?page=2

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