2009 – Darwin 200 – Darwin in Australia series


At the outset of 2009 the time has arrived to look at the relationship between the work of Charles Darwin (and his followers) and Australian life.

This coincides with the Darwin 200 events, which will celebrate the birth of Charles Darwin on 12 Feb 1809 and 150 years since the publication of “The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection”.

To begin we can look at the page from the National Museum in Canberra –


This page is a cultural artefact which, like the scientific cult it belongs to,  leaves out much of great significance in regard to life in Australia and elsewhere..

Over the next month (or so) this blog will attempt to make good some of those omissions by taking a much closer look at Charles Darwin’s time in Australia, and the master narrative he crafted for a newly emerging elite.

Bruce Reyburn

5 Jan 2009


See also






And don’t overlook http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Darwin 

and a google search on “Charles Darwin”

One thought on “2009 – Darwin 200 – Darwin in Australia series

  1. Thought you\’d be interested in this title from Cambridge University Press.Charles Darwin in Australia (Hardback)Frank Nicholas, Jan Nicholashttp://www.cambridge.org/aus/9780521728676ISBN-13:9780521728676Hardback price about $50 from CUP

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