A self-seeding and flowering cosmos

In our garden Yang, a self-seeding cosmos Yin.


self flowering cosmos 001 


What better emblem for our cosmos – self-seeding and flowering.

Cosmos detail

Cosmos – ordered when in harmony – as provided by complementary opposition.

"Taoism’s wu wei (Chinese wu, not; wei, doing) is a term with various translations (e.g. inaction, non-action, nothing doing, without ado) and interpretations designed to distinguish it from passivity. From a nondual perspective, it refers to activity that does not imply an "I". The concept of Yin and Yang, often mistakenly conceived of as a symbol of dualism, is actually meant to convey the notion that all apparent opposites are complementary parts of a non-dual whole."

[from http://www.answers.com/topic/nondualism ]

Any attempt to ‘unify’ our understanding of life is an unbalanced attempt to control life.

Modern science, driven by an attempt to dominate, seeks grand theories of unification – and as a result can only leave out those parts which (sooner or later) are essential for balanced life. Abstraction becomes unstable when taken too far.

And so we get attempts to monopolised the ‘legitimate’ use of force, violence, and intimidation from that other great ‘unifier’ – the modern nation state.

All modern nation states are founded on acts of violence. The conceptual craftspeople who fashion works to satisfy their master’s specifications must reproduce those acts of violence in some form or another.

(It is no simple co-incidence that modern understanding of the workings of life (genes) fit so neatly with modern notions of exclusive ownership (patents).)

There can be no ‘legitimate’ monopoly of force and violence. Any attempt to monopolise force and violence runs against life’s unwritten, but not unsung, laws.

In a dynamically balanced cosmos, force and violence must always be shared equally between two parts of life; two parts which understand that each is only complete with the enduring well-being of the Other.

We are presently in a dynamically unbalanced cosmos – too much Yang – not enough Yin.


For more on Cosmos – flower see:





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