A key question in Chinese-Australian relations.

A good deal of the planet’s intellectual resources (in the form of people’s attention and media coverage) will be consumed in the next few weeks with the mass hysteria which we know as the Olympic Games.

As we view the pollution in China during the Olympic Games (themselves an unbalanced distortion of life which elevates ‘competition’ on a pedestal) we may wish to ponder just where all this is heading.

The pollution is produced in part by exports of Australian gas, coal and minerals (which also props up the present Australian economy).

A key question at this time is "What is the relationship (if any) between the suppression of the cosmic maintenance practices of Australia’s First Peoples and global warming (and/or life running amok generally)?"

Do not expect Westernising experts, authorities  and media workers to be able to frame such a question.

They suffer from a form of professional deformation – a conceptual blindness and a split of Being – which  aligns seamlessly with the failure of the Anglo-Australian modern-nation state to recognise the place of First Peoples in Australian life.

We are dealing with – and surrounded by – incomplete, and therefore false, representations. This denies us the conceptual means by which we can come to grips with some of life’s major problems.

By removing the Dreaming components of Australian life, what is substituted is a fetish which lacks information about where things fit into life (to the extent that they may fit). Unbalanced living results.

China is rapidly becoming another very clear example of this unbalanced way of living.

Trade and exchange relationships between Anglo-Australia and mainland China fail to engage with life’s true representatives in Australia – the remaining senior indigenous lawmen.

While we would hope that mainland China – where the depth of appreciation of the role of complementary opposition (in the philosophies of yin-yang) has historical roots – would provide a more balanced approach to ‘development’, it is clear that those presently in power have no time or inclination for such ‘global’ considerations.

And, as a result of ‘developments’ already in place in other parts of the world, this means that we all may have ‘no time’ to address (let alone redress) the real issues which threaten us all.

If there is a ‘little time’ still available,  then while a large part of the planet’s mental capacity is occupied by these rituals, it is to be hoped that some people will look passed appearances and recognise deeper underlying realities.

Neo-Greek and Roman bread and circus rituals alone will not – can not – sustain us.

Care of our ‘soul’ requires us to receive – and be nourished by – life’s  Dreaming messages as well.


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