CERN – carbon footprint “low”

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From: James Gillies []
Sent: Monday, 2 June 2008 7:12 PM
Subject: Fwd: What is LHC experiment carbon footprint?

Dear Mr Reyburn,

Information about CERN and the environment is available through:, where you will  find information in English about all aspects of CERN’s influence on the environment. The most recent independent report, published by the Swiss Federal Office for Public Health is only available in French, Italian and German. You can find it here:

Our energy suppliers are two Swiss largely hydro-electric based firms, and EDF, which is largely nuclear. CERN’s carbon footprint is correspondingly low.

Regards, James Gillies

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From: Bruce Reyburn []
Sent: Saturday, 10 May 2008 4:17 PM
Subject: What is LHC experiment carbon footprint?

Hi CERN people

Is there an English version of the social and environmental impact assessment for the present LHC experiment?

I have been trying to find out what is the carbon footprint for the LHC experiment but i can’t  find this info on the CERN website under Environment (.

Also, what measures are being made by way of a complementary offset for any negative environmental damages?

Could you provide the answers to these basic questions?


Bruce Reyburn


One thought on “CERN – carbon footprint “low”

  1.  Bruce Reyburn  wrote:> Hi JamesThanks for your reply."low" is not an answer (without comparative data it is meaningless – low in relation towhat, exactly?)You also appear to be using a less than best practice means of doing of a comprehesive auditof CERN, since the calculation requires consideration of a lot more factors than the mainpower source (and even those you mention may have  carbon foorprint consequences)I found the following information  (see below) by a google search. It mentions some ISOstandards which may help to provide a meaningful answer.The services of such experts may be useful for CERN management to provide a specific anddetailed answer worthy of a scientific organisation.regardsBruce ReyburnFrom url"A carbon footprint is a measure of the amount of carbon dioxide emissions that can beattributed to an organization, product or individual. Going beyond the burning of fossilfuels in daily operations (e.g., from heating or travel), all indirect sources of carbondioxide emissions are accounted for, including those generated in the production of theconsumer goods we purchase.At the Carbon Footprint Supply Chain Summit in May 2007, heads of sustainability from largemultinational companies discussed the huge impact this will have on their business. They areinsistent that carbon footprints and carbon neutrality claims be based on accredited,scientific methodologies and reliable data in order to enable fair benchmarking and to avoidrisks to a company’s reputation from invalid declarations.All reputable international guidelines and standards on carbon footprint calculationrecommend the life cycle analysis approach. Calculating a Life Cycle Assessment according toISO 14040 with GaBi 4 allows all carbon emissions that are material to a business, anactivity or a product to be captured in a systematic way. The flexible, modular modellingsystem supports the carbon footprint calculation of anything from single activities right upto complex, supply chain sourced products.The extensive GaBi 4 databases offer an excellent foundation for a carbon footprintcalculation. Measured data specific to your case study can then be incorporated into these.Testament to their consistency and high standard, GaBi 4 databases are included in theEuropean Commission\’s "European Reference Life Cycle Data System"Once you have determined your carbon footprint, the next step is to reduce it. Unavoidablecarbon emissions can be offset by investing in emission reduction projectsDo you want to calculate your carbon footprint? Then contact "

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