If the eyes are the gateway to the soul what, then, are sunspots?

When we see an image of the face of the sun we get a true glimpse of eternity.

And when we consider the images of sun-spots, what are we seeing?


But despite the odds, and there can be no denying it, we exist.

But the question arises "What are we?"

Stardust, so some say.

Tell it to all those who fell pitting their young bodies against bullets from machine guns in World War 1. Just what kind of stardust is this?

Stardust in search of life’s voices.

Casting an eye over ‘history’ – and glancing around the hood – it is as though there was an experiment underway testing to see how many forms of bizarre death is possible.

We are not the living ectoplasm for the unearthed fantasies of others.

Life is as eternal as stardust, and we are a part of life. Are we part of a living cosmos?

To say that we are "human" is to invoke a cultural category not to issue an objective statement. And a cultural category of fairly recent invention.

The derivation of ‘homo’ demonstrates its a split in from an  earlier term which may be represented as "Earth-Being". Homo-humus.

Homo sapiens – the killer ape. Homo ludens – Let’s play!

The hold over us is made possible by a whole belief system which requires us to fear an end of existence by way of a personal bodily death. And a belief that we are separate – so that when you kill me, yet again my wrongheaded Brother, you don’t realise you are merely killing yourself.

A  wearisome and tiresome business it has become.

Let us put an end to it, and find other games to play – worthy of eternal life.

Fashioning a new cosmology – one that we may all live full lives by – is a worthy game.

Not for the domesticated, though. Not for the suburban comfort zones, the protected workshops of academic studies, or those in the thrall of the modern nation state.

Our singing selves, becoming Other-wise.

New languages required, new ways of relating to each other and our surroundings (our generative context) – new Ways of Being.

In some cosmologies of Australia’s First Peoples "Sun" is a form of an eternal feminine, and "Moon" and eternal masculine.

A "Sun-woman" and a "Moon-man".

We may not be able to pass through the cosmic iris of sunspots into the soul of our star, but we are able to pass from a Western cosmos into into that of another – but different – peoples.

From this experience we will learn that, while modern science can detect the presence of  "carrier signals" (objects etc), it has no hope of decoding the messages carried by those signals.


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