My Warumungu/Alyawarra mentor D. Riley Jappanangka

Mentor D R Jappanangka

The blogger (as a younger man) under careful instruction from the late D. R Jappanangka during research for the original Warumungu land claim in the early 1980s. Somewhere near Tennant Creek, Northern Territory, where flour drums make both damper and the perfect seat. Note tin of log cabin tobacco (for chewing with  stimulating Wuppa – the ashes of a certain tree). There may have been a billy of tea not far away – life was not all bad when these things lined up.

Over a million ounces of gold had been taken from Warumungu country by this time – at Nobles Nob alone –  without a cent to him and his family. A big hole in the ground, and much trouble from miners – and all that goes with them.

You may know someone who is wearing some stolen Warumungu gold?

Jappanangka insisted that we deal with one thing at a time. He knew full well that "Papulanyi (whitefella) got no idea."

He now lies in his eternal Wirnkarra (Dreaming) country – where once the great Dreamtime fire swept through the cosmos, transforming the whole of life…

Well, it’s  a big story to tell. You have to get the right people present for starters.

"Papulanyi" – from Warumungu language  for ‘enclosure dweller’.

Photo credit J.Lloyd (as i recall it).


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