Life seeks its voices


I have been reading this Large Hadron Collider material from
CERN  as it follows on from two books on
cosmology I have been reading.

One by Paul |Davies is “The Goldilocks enigma”  How come the universe (or our local
multiverse) is ‘just right’ for life? Interestingly, he makes very quick
passing reference to cosmologies of Australia’s
First Peoples. A taste of things to come?

The other on the need to fashion a new cosmology which
re-centers life after the last lot of bad news about the relative positions of
the earth and the sun.

Joel R Primack and Nancy Ellen Abrams book “The view from
the Centre of the Universe” makes a really brave attempt to tackle this

In the second book, the authors seek to demonstrate how life
occupies a central position in the scheme of things on the level of matter
which goes by powers of 10 from the level of quarks (extremely tiny indeed) to
the outer reaches of light travelling over all the eons there can be so far
from an initial big banger (fabulously enormous).

Drawing inspiration from other peoples mythology (which
provided for a real sense centred life for the peoples concerned), they
represent this scale as the Cosmic Uroboros – with the head of the Serpent at
10 to the 30th cm and its tail in its mouth at 10 to the minus 25th

The authors locate our level of life in more or less the
centre of the cosmic scale  as midsized
forms of matter, bounded by microbes and mountains.

Borrowing from Norse creation myth they call this realm Midgard.
Check it out on google. I did – and found out about Bifrost – the rainbow
bridge between Asgard (Heaven) and Midgard (Earth). Bifrost is protected by
Heimdale, the perfect guardian who can hear the grass grow and needs no sleep
at all (Wikipedia).

This rainbow bridge, to make use of a similar kind of
approach as that employed by Primack and Abrams, takes us beyond the world of
matter measured in terms of cm to the power of ten and into another realm – one
which doesn’t feature much in the workings of science – that of the creative

Within the realm of the creative imagination lie some of the
rarest treasures of the whole of creation – intangible beauties similar to
those of rainbows.

Rainbows are truly relational phenomenon requiring a light
source, water in some form, and an eye.

While I would hesitate to say that heaven lies in the
imagination there is something extremely important which is only to be found in
our imaginations – something which adds important dimensions to ‘reality’.

Come on, all those alive to the magic of Rainbows, lets cross this rainbow bridge – seeking our
freedom from the constraints of mere matter and the material men  – it is important we tackle this if
life is to find our own voices, and we are to develop a new cosmology by which
we may all lead full lives.

First, let’s approach the guardian for approval… (to follow).



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